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At Fundbrella, we don't just push your information to 50+ third-party lenders. We carefully select the best options for you and your business, and deal with every aspect of funding on your behalf. We deal with the hassle, so you don't have to.

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I am so thankful to have found Fundbrella. The experience was fast and easy. It did not take long to get funding at all. I gave them all they needed and was approved the next day. After fixing my credit and getting my score up other companies still wouldn't help me. They said it wasn't good enough. Fundbrella managed to get me $40,000. I was seriously shocked. They could have gotten me more but $40,000 was good enough. Now I have the funds to really start my business. Thank you Fundbrella and a special thanks to Kurt and the whole team. I will definitely come back should I need additional funding.

Latoya Turner Tampa, Florida
I normally don't take the time giving feedback to services I received in the past, but I must tell you that the experience that I have received from Fundbrella has been the best experience of my life. I didn't think I would be able to receive funding of this stature due to my bankruptcy. While in the midst of clearing up and trying to establish fresh and clean credit, companies were denying me left and right. That's when I came across Fundbrella when I was searching for other means of funding.

The experience was very swift and easy. I ended up qualifying for $60,000 but thanks to Kurt Walker and his expertise Fundbrella managed to approve me for funding not only $60,000, but an extra $20,000 a total $80,000. More than enough funding I needed to get my business off the ground. I still have a working relationship with Fundbrella because of the great service I experienced I've been referring all my family and friends and anyone I know that can utilize their services. Thank you Fundbrella for everything that you've done, it really has changed my life!

Tammy Boykin Cleveland, Ohio
I am a real estate investor and I provide funding to other real estate investors for their deals. In the last six months, my company (Leccima Capital Partners, L.P.) has been searching for funding partners. A very close friend introduced me to Kurt at Fundbrella. He explained the different funding programs to me and they all sounded very interesting.

I am happy to report Fundbrella delivered on their promise. I applied funding and was approved in 24 hours.

I want to add that Kurt helped me to secure this funding at 0% interest for the first 12 months. Fundbrella is one of the few funding sources that I have worked with that delivers on their promise to help the small business owner secure funding quickly and easily.

We look forward to sending a lot of business their way. Fundbrella has a remedy for that situation and they move quickly to secure the funding that you need.

Sam Leccima Atlanta, Georgia
I had a great experience with Fundbrella. I am very busy with my green health spa.Their team was patient with my busy schedule and never pressured me to make a decision on a more expensive loan. I was fortunate enough to be approved for a couple of different types of loans to suit my needs. Once I chose funding was quick and straightforward and I was able to secure over 67k with attractive terms.

Eric Hill Noblesville, Indiana

Professional Funding Coaching

How many times have you applied for funding and been denied, for one of hundreds of reasons that never become quite clear? Fundbrella takes the startup loan process a step further than the rest. The vast majority of competitors solely act as a service to submit your information to lenders indiscriminately. We think that's the wrong approach. Our team targets the best-matched lenders for your needs, specifically assisting in the process and making sure your application is packaged and presented to the right people with the highest chances of approval.

No revenue? No problem.

You're starting your dream, and how can you be expected to prove revenue when you haven't begun conducting business yet? Isn't that what "start-up funding," is supposed to be, funding start-ups? We think so too. Fundbrella provides something no one else does, period. With approved credit, we will fund your start-up with no proof of revenue, no business plan provided, and no financials submitted. Let us fund your way forward.

Need Funding Now?

Our team is one of the best in the world, and we haven't been stumped by paperwork yet! We'll get you funding fast, no matter how much you're approved for. Competitors often make guarantees, but with plenty of fine print. Any number of issues can cause the process to hang up and be delayed, and in the worst case this can lead to losses for you! With Fundbrella, rest easy knowing when we say fast, we mean it.

How Hard Can it Be?

Surprisingly, acquiring initial start-up funding can be very difficult. Service after service will try to pull you in with weak promises that can't be backed up, causing stress and wasted time. Remember the first time you realized just how much better dish duty became with a dishwasher? Fundbrella pours time and dedication into ensuring a seamless, easy, very-few-step process to approve and fund your business. It's a point of pride, and we take comfort knowing our customers can navigate the confusing world of start-up funding easily, with Fundbrella.

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